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Win or bust!

Tuesday night was one of those no win matches.

You’re expected to win easily and if you lose it’s a disaster.

I used to find those type of games horrible as a player and a manager.

Bottom line is get the win and Coleraine did that.

Get in the hat for the next round . . . job done.

It might not have been great to watch but hopefully it can spark another cup run.

A lot of credit must go to Bangor. You can see why they’re doing well in the Championship.

The two full backs in particular stuck manfully to their tasks.

They were well organised, dogged and neat and tidy on the ball.

At this stage it’s just about getting through to the next round.

The big one for me is Glenavon this Saturday.

It’s a massive game in my opinion. Quite simply is we need a result.

There were a couple of injury scares so all being well the boys are alright and recover well between now and Saturday.

On the plus side Glenavon had to play 120 minutes as well.

I don’t think Oran will care much what the performance is like against Glenavon so long as his team picks up three points

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