Causeway Chronicle

Weather warning kicks-in for Northern Ireland – don’t make unnecessary journeys!

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning affecting counties Down and Armagh from 9.00pm tonight, Monday 30th October until 9.00am tomorrow, Tuesday 31st October.

A yellow warning is in place for the rest of Northern Ireland. Persistent heavy rain will lead to further flooding and we would ask the public to take steps to minimise risk. Please stay at home where possible and do not make unnecessary journeys.

If you must travel, please bear the prevailing conditions in mind. Reduce your speed and drive with extra caution. Excess surface water could lead to aquaplaning, and there is the potential for cars to get stuck in just a few inches of floodwater.

Visibility is likely to be severely reduced. Consider the potential risks before you leave. Do not place yourself or others in unnecessary danger.


Maurice Bradley