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Variety of events covered by Springwell runners

With the threat of snow approaching, last weekend saw Springwell RC indulging in seasonal helpings of trail and cross country running, with trips into the heart of the Sperrins, and to the windswept outskirts of Belfast, along with a sizeable portion of that year-round staple that is park running.

Sperrin Harriers Winter League Trail Series

Saturday 13th January saw six Springwell RC members make their way to the heart of the Sperrins for race 3 of the Sperrin Harriers Winter League Trail Series, and the An Creagan 5 Mile Race. A crisp, clear day made for good running conditions for this scenic trail race along the tracks and paths of the forest surrounding the An Creagan Visitors Centre. Nicky Frizzelle was the first member to cross the line, finishing 43rd in 3:55, with James Hughes not far behind in 52nd with 34:31. Adele Tomb was 74th in 36:25, Carolyn Crawford 94th in 38:51, Michael Johnson 105th in 39:37 and Andrew Wilmot 141st in 44:50.

Mathieson Cup & Shield 2024

Sunday 14th January saw a fantastic afternoon of sport at the City of Belfast Playing Fields, where Mallusk Harriers hosted the Mathieson Cup & Shield. The well drained soil of the playing fields may have meant that race was not as muddy as the last two, but the two-kilometer lap of sharp rises and steep descents, accompanied by a biting northerly wind provided a suitable test of stamina and endurance to start the New Year. Springwell RC was well represented at the event with twenty members taking on the challenge. Fiona Prue continued her excellent run of form to finish second in her age category.

Senior Ladies – 30th Fiona Prue 25:42 (2nd F50), 44th Fiona Martin 26:49, 52nd Judith Buchanan 26:59, 98th Gael Butcher 30:06, 99th Ashley McPhee 30:10, 104th Deborah McPhee 30:27, 121st Sarah Milligan 31:15, 143rd Alison Duncan 33:11, 159th Heather McLaughlin 34:22, 191st Ingrid Hamilton 38:04, 196th Linda McMichael 39:18

Senior Men – 46th Christopher McNickle 29:51, 68th James Weir 30:42, 75th Rodney McPhee 31:02, 114th John Butcher 33:05, 158th Brian Moore 35:33, 176th David McGaffin 36:47, 182nd Jonny Rowntree 37:11, 197th Adrian Finlay 38:28, 227th Andrew Wilmot 46:44


This weekend saw 61 Springers park running at thirteen different venues. Five personal bests were recorded, three at Limavady by Fiona Prue, Naomi Gordon, and Mariette Mulvenna, one at ECOS by Liz McLaughlin, and one at Garvagh Forest by Cathy Adams.

Thanks to all the volunteers who make Parkrun happen, we really appreciate all that you do.

Perth – Elaine MONTGOMERY 40:09

Ecos – Reggie COLVILLE 20:20, Sonya COLVILLE 31:24, Liz McLAUGHLIN 33:32 PB, Kenneth BACON 40:40

Portrush – David O’NEILL 19:52, Maurice WALKER 21:51, Rhys WALKER 22:55, Paul LAVERTY 24:42, Mervyn THOMPSON 26:45, Heather SPENCE 27:00, George BRIEN 27:46, Patricia CRAIG 27:49, Aisling HYNES 30:35, Gemma WRAY 30:53, Andrew WILSON 31:41, Pauline DUKE 33:55, Lorraine ABERNETHY 37:50, Emer THOMPSON 45:16, Anne JACK 47:25, Fergal MACKLE 47:27, Reid JACK 52:18

Westport – Bernie HANNIGAN 30:14

Castlewellan – Gary KENDALL 22:49

Limavady – John BUTCHER 18:58, Fiona PRUE 20:13 PB, Majella McATEER 23:47, Kevin McLEAN 24:57, Leanne QUIGLEY 25:03, Janet PATRICK 25:52, Alan PLATT 26:04, Naomi GORDON 26:10 PB, David McGAFFIN 26:14, Catherine PINKERTON 27:31, Mariette MULVENNA 28:45 PB, Aimee MILLER 36:34, Shirley McGAFFIN 36:35, Sinead GRAHAM 38:42

Stormont – Ali SHAW 19:24, Pamela HOWE 27:15

Colin Glen – Antoinette CONWAY 31:39, Colin CONNOLLY 33:09

Buncrana – Chris DENTON 17:53

Jesmond Dene – Kay HACK 38:28

Queen’s, Glasgow – Catherine BYERS 36:51

Garvagh Forest – Peter TEES 19:18, Bernadette O’KANE 21:42, Cathy ADAMS 23:08 PB, Shaun CARTON 24:40, Laurence BLAIR 26:05, Mervyn ADAMS 27:19, Michael McKEOWN 29:00

Derrynoid Forest – Rodney McPHEE 19:03, Adrian FINLAY 23:05, Deborah McPHEE 24:16, Alison C DUNCAN 26:24, Alan WHITE 26:24, Ingrid HAMILTON 30:57, Linda McMICHAEL 31:51, Heather McLAUGHLIN 34:27, Nicola WHITE 34:27

Springwell Running Club

Christopher McNickle at Mallusk

Springwell Running Club

 Springwell RC contingent at Derrynoid Parkrun

Springwell Running Club

Fiona Prue at Mallusk

Springwell Running Club

 James Hughes at An Creagan

Springwell Running Club

 Springwell RC contingent at Mallusk

Springwell Running Club

Nicky Frizzelle at An Creagan

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