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Unkind elements don’t deter Springwell Runners

Saturday 14th October was a morning of gale force winds, dark skies and squally showers, a morning when you really must thank all the volunteers who give up their time to make parkrun happen.

It may not have been particularly pleasant running conditions but setting up the course, waiting for everyone to finish and then dismantling the course wasn’t exactly an easy option. A special mention must go to Mervyn Thompson, the event director of Portrush Parkrun, who has volunteered on over 400 occasions.

On the actual running side of things there were forty – nine Springers parkrunning at ten different venues with three personal bests recorded. Reggie Colville ran his at the Ecos parkrun while Cathy Adams and Bernie Hannigan ran theirs at Garvagh Forest parkrun.

Belfast Victoria – John BUTCHER 18:11, Gael BUTCHER 24:26

Ecos – Reggie COLVILLE 20:22, Kenneth BACON 38:38

Portrush – Maurice WALKER 20:53, David O’NEILL 21:11, Rhys WALKER 22:40, David McGAFFIN 24:07, Fiona MARTIN 25:35, Mervyn THOMPSON 27:40, Reid JACK 28:33, Barry McBRIDE 29:16, Andrew WILMOT 29:59, Alanna MILLAR 31:55, Pauline DUKE 31:55, Iris WILSON 37:52, Fergal MACKLE 47:04, Emer THOMPSON 47:56, Caitriona MACKLE 50:15, Patricia CRAIG 54:47

Castlewellan – Gary KENDALL 23:51

Limavady – Chris DENTON 17:47, Peter JACK 23:15, Darren WALSH 24:14, Kevin McLEAN 24:25, Leanne QUIGLEY 24:59, Janet PATRICK 25:29, Alan PLATT 26:00, Alan WHITE 26:08, Karen CAMPBELL 27:05, Sinead GRAHAM 27:07, Alison C DUNCAN 27:27, Nicola WHITE 29:36, Alan STEEN 30:21, Linda McMICHAEL 31:36, John McMICHAEL 31:37, Heather McLAUGHLIN 44:15

Sale Water – Catherine BYERS 35:38, Elaine MONTGOMERY 35:45

Dungannon Park – James HUGHES 25:29

Fletcher Moss – Aaron STEELE 23:56

Garvagh Forest – Judith BUCHANAN 22:17, Paul LAVERTY 23:01, Cathy ADAMS 23:23, Michael McKEOWN 27:24, Kate McNICHOLL 29:26, Rhona LAVERTY 32:03

Limepark Playing Fields – Deborah MC PHEE 24:47, Bernie HANNIGAN 30:17

Elaine Montgomery and Catherine Byers at Water Sale event
Mervyn Thompson at Portrush Parkrun
Maurice Walker at Portrush
Leanne Quigley taking part at Limavady
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