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Tomb joins S.O.S Causeway Campaign

Following the Northern Trust decision to ignore their own consultation concerns, I’ve been active within the S.O.S. Causeway Hospital campaign. We had another meeting tonight and I wanted to give you the heads up on what’s happening.  

All Councillors will be written to again, with an invitation to the next meeting. A request for a presentation of commitment to the campaign to save hospital services will be asked for. This will be published on social media etc. 

A rally is to be held on Saturday 15th July.  Walking from Causeway Hospital to the Town Centre.  I’ll send round a graphic about this and would be grateful if you’d share on your social media.

We are trying to organise ourselves to distribute leaflets, contact businesses, schools etc.  Personally I am going to go round businesses in Coleraine town centre, contact Coleraine community associations and will be leafleting houses in the area.  Any help with this would be fantastic.  It may be an idea that within your DEAs/areas you could help spread the word.

A website has been set up. Link below, if you’d like to share this please.

SOS Causeway are also looking local celebrities to make a statement or a video, showing their support to the Campaign.  I’ve spoken with Liam Beckett, who has kindly agreed and Graham McDowell has already done something.  If anyone knows anyone who may help, could you please ask them and contact the group

Give me a call if you’d like to discuss further or if there’s anything in particular you can help with.


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