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Thornhill College focus of attention for Springwell

Thornhill College in Derry was the focus of activity this weekend for Springwell as the purple vests made a short trip up the road for the North – West Cross Country, and with the weather settling down there was a full program of parkrun events to choose from. We even had Springwell in Central Park this weekend.

North – West Cross Country

Hosted by City of Derry Spartans, the North – West Cross Country was held on Saturday 16th December in the grounds of Thornhill College in Derry. While the rain may have stayed away this weekend there was still a biting northerly wind sweeping down Lough Foyle and the saturated ground quickly turned to mud as the program of races progressed through the day. Starting at 12:30pm the senior races were combined this week, with the men and woman running together on a 6km race that consisted of four laps of a winding, undulating course. In a competitive race Chris Denton produced a strong run to finish 16th (2nd M50) with a time of 25:30, while Ashley McPhee continued her good form finishing as second Junior Female.

Springwell RC – 16th Chris Denton 24:18, 31st Christopher McNickle 25:30, 43rd James Weir 26:12, 46th Stephen McLaughlin 26:24, 94th John Butcher 28:39, 112th Fiona Prue 30:00, 135th Jonny Rowntree 31:37, 140th James Hughes 32:10, 158th Pauline Mullan 33:31, 169th Peter Jack 34:03, 179th Deborah McPhee 35:13, 187th Ashley McPhee 36:10, 189th Leanne Quigley 36:19, 195th Sinead Graham 37:25, 198th Alison Duncan 38:05, 200th Andrew Wilmot 38:58, 202nd Karen Campbell 39:32, 216th Gael Butcher 44:09, 217th Ingrid Hamilton 44:09, 219th Pauline Duke 45:04

NYC Central Park Holiday Classic 10k

John and Linda McMichael are on their Christmas travels visiting the Big Apple and while there they took the opportunity for a run round Central Park on Saturday 16th December at the NYC Central Park Holiday Classic 10k. Linda crossed the line 169th in 1:06:05 with John not far behind in 177th in 1:08:18.


This weekend saw forty – two Springers parkrunning at ten different venues. It was not a day for personal bests with many of the courses still suffering the effects of last weeks storms that resulted in slippery paths a few too many puddles. Next Saturdays parkrun is the last before Christmas with many of the events sing the day to assist local charities, and there will undoubtedly be a bit of fancy dress about so be sure and join the party atmosphere. If you aren’t running then please consider volunteering, these events only happen through the efforts and goodwill of an army of volunteers who give up their time on Saturday mornings.

Derry City – Ryan GRAY 19:48

Belfast Victoria – Elaine MONTGOMERY 32:30

Ecos – Reggie COLVILLE 20:22, Alan WHITE 25:57, Nicola WHITE 32:59, Kenneth BACON 1:01:33

Portrush – David O’NEILL 21:24, Andy WHITEFORD 21:49, Cathy ADAMS 25:56, Conor SHIELDS 26:51, Mervyn ADAMS 28:02, Reid JACK 28:34, Heather SPENCE 28:48, Mervyn THOMPSON 28:49, Seamus McATEER 29:53, Barry McBRIDE 30:10, Pamela HOWE 32:09, Gemma WRAY 33:51, Alanna MILLAR 33:52, Lorraine ABERNETHY 39:28, Caitriona MACKLE 41:33, Fergal MACKLE 45:19, Andrew WILSON 47:17, Emer THOMPSON 47:24, Patricia CRAIG 1:00:15

Citypark – Patrick MAGEE 26:22

Ormeau – Ali SHAW 19:26

Castlewellan – Gary KENDALL 26:21

Limavady – Chris DENTON 17:44, Peter TEES 18:31, Catherine PINKERTON 21:43, Fergus THOMPSON 25:10, Janet PATRICK 26:18, Shirley McGAFFIN 35:52, Adrian FINLAY 37:24

Lower Drummans – Alan PLATT 24:44

Garvagh Forest – Paul LAVERTY 22:55, Laurence BLAIR 27:33, Roisin WALKER 29:20, Bernie HANNIGAN 30:15, Colin CONNOLLY 34:33, Kay HACK 44:34

Ashley McPhee – 2nd female junior at the NW XC

Chris Denton at the NW XC

James Hughes and Jonny Rowntree at the NW XC


Stephen McLaughlin, Chris Denton, John Butcher, Christopher McNickle and James Weir at the NW XC

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