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This Christmas don’t fall victim to illegal money lenders – contact the PSNI

Christmas can be a magical time for many but for some families, the pressures of buying gifts for their loved-ones can see them turning to loan sharks.

The thought of a loan shark may be tempting but you must remember, these lenders are not your friends, they prey on vulnerable people and are doing untold damage to many communities.

Illegal money lenders don’t want people to be able to pay back their debt. They want them permanently indebted. Before you turn to illegal money lenders, make yourself aware of the finance support available, and do not suffer in silence, there’s always a way out!

DUP MLA Maurice Bradley said: “these people pray on the most vulnerable in society and a time when everyone is feeling the pinch. If anyone offers you money, report it to the PSNI. Remember, these people charge extortionate rates of interest designed to keep you in debt, and designed to ensure you keep paying these parasites.

If you cannot got to the PSNI, contact my office and we will contact the PSNI descretely on your behalf. Help society rid itself of these crooks and and pafasites.

My office number is 028 7035 6990 – Confidentiality assured.

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Maurice Bradley