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SuperCupNI going strong – 40 years on from birth as Northern Ireland Milk Cup

The SuperCupNI celebrates its 40th anniversary this week, with the competition going from strength to strength.

Born as a result of the success being realised through the Northern Ireland Boys’ Football Association and their various tournaments throughout Northern Ireland, some very like-minded and strategic thinkers on how to develop youth football came up with the idea of a Northern Ireland Cup, sponsored by the Diary Council and famously known around the world at the Northern Ireland Milk Cup.

A committee was quickly established chaired by Victor Leonard, Jim Weir as Secretary; and B. Robinson as treasurer.

The founding Tournament Organising Committee were: J. Canning, J. Cassidy, J, Davis, John Hart, G. Hassan, William Hunter, Raymond Kennedy, Bob McClure, George Logan, Bertie Millar, Knox Morrison, Bertie Peacock, Tom Stark and Sammy Walker, along with the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The rest is history!

Looking through the first programme, I thought it would be interesting to list some of the founder teams taking past and articles of support from Alderman James McClure, Mayor of Coleraine at that time and Hart Cavan, President of the IFA and Senior Vice-President of FIFA.

I hop you enjoy looking at some of the teams who helped found the Northern Ireland Milk Cup (SuperCupNI).


Maurice Bradley