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Successful Twelfth in Ballycastle

Bushmills Dist LOL 21 on Parade at Ballycastle, with District Master Wesley Craig’s son, Will, who is five months old

Statement by TUV Causeway councillor Allister Kyle:

“Following today’s Twelfth celebrations I am pleased things in Ballycastle passed off mainly peaceful. Tensions had risen due to recent publications from some local representatives but thankfully bar one issue of non tolerance I have heard of things passed off without a hitch.

“I’d hoped following the levels of tolerance shown elsewhere in the Province by members of the unionist community, towards members and supporters of the GAA that this would be reciprocated. However, I’m disappointed to hear that during our return parade, someone adorning in a GAA top tried to split ranks within Moyargret Silver Plains band in an attempt to raise tensions.

“The family day out passed off mainly dry bar a slight shower on the way to the demonstration field, but the rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the bands, lodges and spectators.

“One member of Portballinatrae LOL 1142 stands out, he travelled 6000 miles from America to be amongst his brethern in his private lodge in the historic town of Bushmills.

“Return parades were completed by lodges from all five districts in the north Antrim combine, however I was particularly pleased to be led through Bushmills by Star of The East Prestonpans, Scotland, who led Prestons Purple Abstainers LOL 1987 through Bushmills and who held a short wreath laying service at the Robert Quigg VC statue in the town.”

Bushmills District Officers on Parade, Bro. Allister Kyle, Bro. Chris Elliott and Bro. Wesley Craig with five-month-old Will Craig

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