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Stretch in evenings as midweek racing commences

This week saw one of the first signs of spring as the brighter evenings saw the start of the midweek road races with the Ballymena Belles 5 Mile Race, but by the weekend the weather was far from spring like, with the events taking place in blustery gale force winds and squally showers, which added just a little extra challenge to the day.

Ballymena Belles

Wednesday 10th April saw Ballymena Runners host their “Ballymena Belles” five-mile road race in the town. This “ladies only” race is extremely popular, and this year was no exception as over 350 competitors took to the streets for a great evening of running. A strong run from Bernadette Quinn resulted in a top ten finish as she crossed the line in a time of 34:18. Cathy Adams continues her excellent recent form as she finished 22nd in 36:24, and Ladies Club Captain, Deborah McPhee, led by example with a personal best time of 37:28 to finish 29th.

Springwell RC – 8th Bernadette Quinn 34:18, 22nd Cathy Adams 36:24, 29th Deborah McPhee 37:28, 37th Sylvia Pollock 38:50, 75th Gillian Rudden 42:24, 85th Faith Moore 43:35, 92nd Alanna Millar 44:16, 115th Roberta McKenzie 45:49, 149th Liz Dowey 47:26, 186th Pauline Duke 49:22, 236th Tara Stinson 51:18, 267th Lynn Stewart 53:51, 268th Paula Carson 53:51.

Larne AC Coast Road 10 Miler

Trips to the seaside was the theme for Saturday’s races as Larne AC hosted their Coast Road 10 Miler on the A2. The course took competitors from the town to a turning point just beyond Ballygalley and then back to a finish on the promenade beside Larne Leisure Centre. Eight Springwell RC members made the trip to Larne, with Paul Thompson running an impressive 1:01:01 to finish 17th, and Catherine Jayne Pinkerton recording another personal best with a 1:13:34 to finish 126th.

Springwell RC – 17th Paul Thompson 1:01:01, 126th Catherine Jayne Pinkerton 1:13:34 PB, 166th Michael Johnson 1:16:15, 239th Pauline Mullan 1:20:29, 293rd Geoff Allen 1:24:18, 424th Alan White 1:32:46, 428th Andrew Wilmot 1:33:13, 494th Heather McLaughlin 1:37:36

Endurancelife Giants Causeway Trail Race

Saturday’s 20-mile event started in Ballintoy and took in the sights and scenery of the Causeway Coastal path as competitors paddled their way into White Park Bay, clambered from Port Braddan through the cave into Dunseverick, scaled the heights of Contham Head, Bengore Head, Benbane Head, and Lacada Point, just to reach the Giants Causeway. They then had a run around Runkerry Point and along the railway line into Portballintrae before another climb to Dunluce Castle and the downhill stretch to Portrush. Ramore Head was the final headland before the finish on the West Strand Green. With a howling headwind and a few squally showers to test the resolve it certainly proved to be a challenging day.

Springwell RC member and local coach, Stephen Fillis disproved the adage that, “those who can’t do, teach” and very ably showed “that those who teach, can do” and can do very well, as he led a field of 247 competitors across the line, finishing in a very impressive 2:39:21.

Among all the plaudits and congratulations there is always that voice that brings you down to earth, the jester that reminds the victorious that they are mere mortals, well on Saturday that special role fell to Stephen’s son, Jonah who, when informed of his dad’s win replied, “it’s about time”. That’s a tough audience.


A storm free Saturday morning saw sixty – three Springers parkrunning at thirteen different venues. This week’s personal bests were to be found at the Portrush event, where Aimee Miler and Naomi Gordon improved their standings.

Thanks to all the volunteers who make parkrun happen, your efforts are really appreciated. If you are not running, then please consider volunteering. Remember – No Volunteers – No Parkrun.

York – Elaine MONTGOMERY 36:09

Ecos – Reggie COLVILLE 22:49, Sonya COLVILLE 31:18

Portrush – David O’NEILL 19:44, Rhys WALKER 20:37, Maurice WALKER 20:40, Karla BORLAND 20:42, Cathy ADAMS 23:29, Sylvia POLLOCK 24:51, Mervyn THOMPSON 25:40, Reid JACK 26:00, George BRIEN 26:43, Rachael CAMPBELL 27:04, Alanna MILLAR 29:45, Liz DOWEY 30:51, Karen GARVIN 31:09, Anne JACK 31:12, Aimee MILLER 31:33 PB, Naomi GORDON 31:34 PB, Aisling HYNES 31:39, Amanda SCOTT 33:10, Pauline DUKE 33:48, Fergal MACKLE 36:03, Catherine BYERS 37:24, Caitriona MACKLE 42:31, Deborah PURDY 43:31, Patrick MAGEE 47:28, Shaun CARTON 52:35, Lorraine ABERNETHY 59:55.

Omagh – Patricia CRAIG 25:53

Castlewellan – Gary KENDALL 23:32

Great Lines – Kay HACK 44:07

Valley – Bernie HANNIGAN 30:31

Limavady – Chris DENTON 17:09, Rodney McPHEE 19:00, Brian MOORE 19:53, Fiona PRUE 22:30, Kevin McLEAN 22:54, Fergus THOMPSON 22:57, Adrian FINLAY 24:37, Leanne QUIGLEY 24:53, Deborah McPHEE 25:25, Janet PATRICK 26:32, Paul CAMPBELL 26:49, Alison C DUNCAN 27:04, Fergus IRWIN 29:11, Sinead GRAHAM 29:45, Gael BUTCHER 29:59, Darren WALSH 34:59, Kenneth BACON 43:02

Stormont – Ali SHAW 19:46

Lower Drummans – Alan PLATT 25:00

Holy Cross College – Majella McATEER 24:57, Mariette MULVENNA 28:51, Antoinette CONWAY 29:12, Colin CONNOLLY 30:41

Hillsborough Forest – Emer THOMPSON 31:34

Garvagh Forest – Peter TEES 19:12, Bernadette QUINN 21:24, David McGAFFIN 22:47, Paul LAVERTY 23:16, Roisin WALKER 28:57, Michael McKEOWN 30:15

Stephen Fillis with support crew Jonah & Jacob Fillis at the Endurance Life Trail Race.

Cathy Adams at the Ballymena Belles

Liz Dowey at the Ballymena Belles

Heather McLaughlin and Alan White at the Larne AC Coast Road 10 Miler

Michael Johnson at the Larne AC Coast Road 10 Miler

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