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Straidbilly Primary School hold successful Tractor/Truck Run

Chairman of the Board of Governors at Straidbilly PS, James McConaghie, pictured at the school’s Tractor/Truck Run with Sammy Sharpe.

Grassmen truck driver, Ruth along with Gareth at the Straidbilly PS run.

Lined up and all ready to go at the Tractor/Truck Run.

Steven Callaghan with his daughter Sylvie.

Smiling for our cameraman are Peter, Cheriee, Ruby, Henry and Ivy Moore.

Pictured at the Tractor/Truck run are Harry Thompson, David Thompson, Philip and young Ethan McCurdy and Calvin Olphert.

These two young lads, William McAfee and Benny Callaghan look like they are all set for the run.

Pupils at Straidbilly PS, Ellie, Holly and Molly, pictured at the Tracotor/Truck Run.

Alan Kane and James Campbell, pictured at the Straidbilly PS Tractor/Truck Run.

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