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Springwell runners take to the roads

It was a week of road running for Springwell RC wit the purple vests in action at the GR8 Dundrum Run, Marty’s 5k in Derry, the Armagh 10 Mile Road Race, and there was even an international outing to Canada. There were podium places, age category wins and personal bests recorded in the calm autumnal conditions, apart from the temperature, that prevailed over the weekend.

GR8 Dundrum Run

The 12th Annual GR8 Dundrum Run took place on Saturday 7th October 2023in the picturesque village of Dundrum Co. Down. Hosted by Murlough AC in association with the National Trust this popular race attracted almost 900 runner to County Down for a picturesque run. The 8.4-mile course provided a stunning mix of road, beach and boardwalk incorporating Murlough’s Nature Reserve, where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea. Five Springwell members made the trip to County Down.

Springwell RC – 124th Michael Johnson 1:02:11, 209th Pauline Mullan 1:06:02, 403rd Patricia Craig 1:12:13, 477th Andrew Wilmot 1:14:34, 733rd Karen Garvin 1:27:31.

Marty’s 5k

Hosted by Foyle Valey AC, Marty’s Run 5K took place on Sunday 8th October, on the Glengalliagh Road in Derry with Christopher McNickle and Catherine Pinkerton in attendance to represent Springwell. The course and the weather provided the opportunity for a fast run and both runners did not disappoint as they each finished with a new personal best. Christopher finished in 6th with a time of 16:38 while Catherine won her age category with her time of 20:29 to finish 56th (1st F40).

Armagh 10 Mile Road Run

Sunday also saw the Armagh 10 Mile Road Run take place in perfect running conditions of cool temperatures and light breezes. The downhill start saw the field move off at a fast pace before the undulations of the remaining nine miles tested the runner’s stamina on the rolling hills of the roads surrounding Armagh’s famous Navan Centre. A strong run from Fiona Prue saw her finish 52nd (3rd lady) in a personal best time of 1:11:41 with David McGaffin 63rd in 1:13:54.

Ottawa Fall Colours Run

Springwell RC members never miss the chance of a race and going on holiday is no reason not to have your running vest close at hand. On her trip to Canada Deborah Archibald found time to run the Ottawa Fall Colours 10k, finishing 163rd with a time of 1:04:45.


This weekend saw forty – eight Springers parkrunning at eight different venues. Two personal bests were recorded, James Hughes at Derry City parkrun, and Deborah McPhee at Ecos parkrun.

Thanks to all the volunteers who make parkrun happen. Your efforts are really appreciated.

Derry City – James HUGHES 24:21 PB

Ecos – Rodney MC PHEE 18:49, Reggie COLVILLE 21:00, Deborah MC PHEE 22:41 PB, Alan WHITE 25:38, Ashley McPHEE 26:30, Nicola WHITE 30:07, Sonya COLVILLE 31:21

Portrush – Maurice WALKER 20:05, Rhys WALKER 21:29, Shaun CARTON 22:40, Fiona MARTIN 24:15, Paul LAVERTY 24:24, Cathy ADAMS 24:36, Sylvia POLLOCK 24:46, Reid JACK 25:02, Mervyn THOMPSON 25:42, Anne JACK 28:45, Andrew WILSON 29:14, Alanna MILLAR 29:15, Bernie HANNIGAN 29:53, Aisling HYNES 30:22, Pauline DUKE 30:39, Jonathan HUDDLESTON 30:40, Amanda SCOTT 33:08, Rhona LAVERTY 34:15, Iris WILSON 35:28, Lorraine ABERNETHY 35:58, Emer THOMPSON 39:05, Julie CORBETT 52:53

Castlewellan – Gary KENDALL 23:13

Limavady – Chris DENTON 17:55, David MCGAFFIN 21:40, Aaron STEELE 22:15, Adrian FINLAY 22:36, Fergus THOMPSON 23:07, Janet PATRICK 25:04, Peter TEES 25:35, Leanne QUIGLEY 31:42, Alison C DUNCAN 31:43, Karen CAMPBELL 31:44, Gael BUTCHER 31:45, Sinead GRAHAM 32:14, Linda McMICHAEL 32:14, Heather McLAUGHLIN 49:02

Shanganagh – Elaine MONTGOMERY 32:56

Dunfermline – Catherine BYERS 36:04

Garvagh Forest – Bernadette O’KANE 21:43

Deborah Archibald at the Ottawa Fall Colours 10k
Catherine Pinkerton and Christopher McNickle at Martys 5k
Kenneth Bacon, Sonya Colville, Deborah McPhee, Nicola white, Rodney McPhee, Alan White & Ashley McPhee at ECOS parkrun
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