Causeway Chronicle

Speed outside Schools in Causeway DEA

Statement by Causeway Councillor and TUV Vice Chairman Allister Kyle:

“Having written to Dr McMahon, Head of the Department for Infrastructure Northern Division, and the local Police Commander, I’m pleased to see that party leader and local MLA Jim Allister has taken my concerns to the Minister of Infrastructure on the speed traffic is passing some of our primary schools within Causeway DEA.

“Following a number of complaints from parents, who are genuinely concerned that a fatality of a child or parent is likely unless action is taken at the two schools, I wrote last week outlining the hazards outside Dunseverick Primary School and William Pinkerton Memorial Primary School.

“Dunseverick Primary School, Whitepark Road, Bushmills, is situated on a busy stretch of road between Ballintoy and Bushmills.

“It is the main thoroughfare for tourists travelling between Bushmills Distillery, the Giant’s Causeway, Ballintoy Harbour and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

“As a small country school which sits in off the road and with the speed limit being the national speed limit, there is a severe risk of a fatality occurring.

“The drop off area is on a hard shoulder on a sweeping bend in the road.

“I stated that I have witnessed cars and motorcycles passing the school at speeds exceeding the national speed limit and would appeal that all would be done within there power to try and reduce the speed in this area at least during school hours, including drop off and pick up times. 

“Outside William Pinkerton Primary School in Dervock, the speed limit is currently 30mph. “However, this is a busy thoroughfare, especially for people heading to work in the mornings and cars can often be seen exceeding this speed limit.

“This is made more dangerous with children arriving by car from the village side, who have to cross the road to get to the school and at times children can be seen darting out from behind cars.

“I asked for it to be surveyed to see if it would be possible to reduce the speed limit to 20mph outside the school during school hours.

“Following this request to both DFI and the PSNI, it was then pleasing to receive correspondence to say that Jim Allister had also raised the issue with the Infrastructure Minister asking what surveys have been conducted towards reducing the national speed limit at school times outside Dunseverick Primary School.

“This is an issue I hope to see a satisfactory outcome to in the very near future.”


Michael Anderson