Causeway Chronicle

Showgrounds stalemate!

Half time at the Showgrounds and it’s scoreless with Glenavon enjoying the lions share of play and goalscoring openings.

In fact, the Lurgan men had at least two good penalty shouts turned away by referee Shane Andrews.

The teams are out for the second half – C’mon the Bannsidfers!

Coleraine 13 Rory Brown GK 3 Dean Jarvis 5 Graham Kelly 7 Conor McKendry 8 Stephen Lowry 9 Matthew Shevlin 11 Joshua Carson 14 Kieran Farren
15 Stephen O’Donnell C 18 Jack Scott 19 Jamie McGonigle Substitutions 51 Cathair Donnelly GK 6 Aaron Jarvis 10 David McDaid 16 Lee Lynch 21 Jack O’Mahony 29 Andrew Scott 31 Senan Devine

Glenavon 44 Gareth Deane GK 4 Calum Birney 5 David Toure 8 Jack Malone 9 Gavin Hodgins 10 Peter Campbell 11 Niall Quinn C 16 Isaac Baird 25 Darren Clarke 28 Robert Garrett 39 James Doona Substitutions 13 Mark Byrne GK 2 Conor Kerr 6 Mark Haughey 7 Matthew Snoddy 20 Stephen Teggart 24 Jamie Doran 99 Lido Lotefa

Referee: Shane Andrews 1st assistant: Brian Wilson 2nd assistant: Bogdan Sfirloaga 4th official: Ian McNabb


Maurice Bradley