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S.O.S. Causeway Hospital Campaign to meet Chief Executive of Northern Trust

A delegation from S.O.S. Causeway Hospital Campaign will meet with the Northern Trust Chief Executive, Jennifer Welsh on Friday 14th July at 1pm.

Also present at this meeting will be Director of Nursing, Paediatrics, Women’s & Corporate Support Services Suzanne Pullins and Director of Women’s Health/Head of Midwifery & Gynaecology Caroline Diamond.

“We were extremely disappointed to have our questions shut down at the recent Trust Board meeting. These were genuine concerns which our community needed answers on, concerns we had forwarded in advance which were approved, yet that day the board “were not keen to enter a question and answer discussion.” Having adjusted the format of these questions however, we welcomed the admission afterwards, from the Trust board that there were still unanswered questions. Chief Executive, Jennifer Welsh then extended an invitation to meet that day and later via email to which we have gratefully accepted” stated Gemma Brolly, chairperson of the S.O.S. Causeway Hospital Campaign.

“There are many questions which much be answered with a matter of urgency, such as the details of a contingency plan for expectant mothers with transport issues and the removal of foetal assessment from Causeway. An extreme fear exists among our community that the removal of births from Causeway Hospital will create a domino effect on the rest of our existing hospital services. We need guarantees on the future of Paediatrics, ICU and A&E as they exist today.”

Mrs Brolly concluded “We continue to work with our legal team and this Saturday 15th July at 2pm we will take to the streets as one community, assembling at Causeway Hospital and marching to Coleraine Town Hall. We are united in determination to fight for our acute hospital services and ensure the future of our local hospital, providing first class health care to all citizens with no discrimination based on locality. We will not cease until our objectives are met.”


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