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Road Racing season in full swing

Naomi Gordon, Rodney McPhee, Ashley McPhee, Deborah McPhee and Emer Thompson at the Omagh Half Marathon

The road racing season is now in full swing and, despite the best efforts of storm Kathleen, the purple Springwell RC vests could be found at the NI & Ulster Half Marathon Championships in Omagh, the London Landmarks Half Marathon, and the RunAthy Half Marathon in County Kildare. There was even a metric half marathon in Edinburgh as well as our usual selection of parkruns.

SPAR Omagh Half Marathon

Sunday 7th April was a day of high drama, that had more to do with the trip to Omagh than the actual race itself. Intending to travel as a club to this event a bus was booked and, after picking up Springers in Ballymoney, Coleraine, and Limavady the bus made for the A2 and headed for Omagh. Two miles later the bus decided it didn’t want to go to Omagh, in fact it didn’t even want to go to Ballykelly, overheated and would go no further, leaving thirty-seven Springers on the roadside.

Springwell are nothing but resourceful, and with an attitude of “improvise, adapt and overcome” a posse quickly ran back to Limavady and mobilised a fleet of vehicles for the onward journey to Tyrone. Adhering to the rules of the road and prevailing speed limits everyone made the 9:30am start in Omagh, some with more time to spare than others.

After such an adrenaline-fueled start to the day it wasn’t surprising that there were six personal bests recorded, even with the gale force winds that were head on for the last three miles of the race. Fiona Prue continued her fine run of form as she prepares for the TCS London Marathon, finishing second in her age category.

Springwell RC – 146th Ryan KENNEDY 1:27:06, 234th Rodney MCPHEE 1:28:50, 262nd Brian Moore 1:31:28, 330th Jenny CHARTRES 1:34:06, 339th John BUTCHER 1:33:44, 395th James HUGHES 1:35:34, 420th Fiona PRUE 1:36:26 (2nd F55), 475th Timothy BACON 1:37:07, 489th Catherine PINKERTON 1:38:19, 513th Leisa MCKENNA 1:39:18 PB, 531st Jeff YOUNG 1:38:25, 585th David MCGAFFIN 1:39:44, 601st Adrian FINLAY 1:41:14, 610th Jonny ROWNTREE 1:41:20, 657th Jonathan HUDDLESTON 1:40:22, 844th Shaun CARTON 1:45:47, 892nd Pauline Mullan 1:47:32, 901st Conall DOHERTY 1:46:15, 977th Deborah MCPHEE 1:47:37, 1013th Gael BUTCHER 1:47:28, 1174th Leanne QUIGLEY 1:50:46, 1226th Helena DORNAN 1:52:07, 1239th Lynne YOUNG 1:53:10, 1252nd Michael MULVENNA 1:52:51, 1256th Mariette MULVENNA 1:52:53, 1261st Ashley MCPHEE 1:52:46 PB, 1406th Patrick MAGEE 1:56:40, 1560th Jim BRADLEY 1:57:25, 1641st Bridgeen CANNING 1:59:29, 1676th Adam HENDERSON 2:00:43 PB, 1678th Kathryn CAMPBELL 1:59:12, 1680th Amanda KERSHAW 1:59:13, 1779th Sinead GRAHAM 2:01:26, 1842nd David HUGHES 2:04:53, 1876th Janet PATRICK 2:04:28, 1922nd Majella MCATEER 2:06:25, 2067th Christine BONHAM 2:10:27, 2154th Andrew WILMOT 2:12:45, 2259th Andrew GAULT 2:16:36, 2283rd Ingrid HAMILTON 2:16:44, 2292nd Deborah ARCHIBALD 2:16:42, 2337th Pauline DUKE 2:18:39, 2353rd Emer THOMPSON 2:19:17, 2383rd Naomi GORDON 2:20:35 PB, 2521st Ryan CAMPBELL 2:29:17, 2528th Linda MCMICHAEL 2:29:41PB, 2575th Bernie DRAIN 2:35:23, 2576th Colin Connolly 2:36:16, 2597th Alwyn MILLER 2:38:21PB, 2624th Ivan GOLDSWORTHY 2:42:47.

London Landmarks Half Marathon

Sunday also saw four Springwell members taking in the sights of London as they toured round on the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Alison Duncan was the first to finish in 8721st with a time of 2:12:35, with Alan Platt finishing close behind in 8884th with a time of 2:13:07. Heather McLaughlin was 12009th in 2:25:11 and Laura Fisher was 13098th in 2:29:41.

RunAthy Half Marathon

In his continuing quest to complete a half marathon in each of the thirty-two counties, Aidan Mooney made his way to the village of Athy in County Kildare on Sunday for his latest task. Aidan finished 209th with a personal best time of 2:09:54.

Kilomathon Scotland

In a well-travelled weekend for the Springwell vests Sheila McConnell was our representative at Murrayfield in Edinburgh for the metric half marathon. Sheila finished this 13.1km race in 1:23:51 to finish 902nd.


Storm Kathleen did her best to disrupt the parkrun agenda but only a handful of events succumbed to her threat and cancelled their Saturday offering. Forty – nine Springers were still able to find their parkrun fix at a widespread eleven venues. This week you could find Springers parkrunning on the West coast of Ireland, the Channel Islands, and at several venues around London. The high winds significantly reduced the opportunity for personal bests, but Rachael Campbell managed to record one at a windswept East Strand in Portrush.

It was a busy day for the volunteers, with many out early for safety checks on the courses. “Thank you”, for all that you do.

Highbury Fields – Alan PLATT 32:35

Derry City – David SHIELS 22:42

Queen’s – Conor SHIELDS 24:47

Portrush – Maurice WALKER 20:46, Rhys WALKER 21:17, Cathy ADAMS 23:10, Rachael CAMPBELL 25:27 PB, Mervyn THOMPSON 25:41, Reid JACK 25:48, Sylvia POLLOCK 26:29, Patricia CRAIG 27:08, Gillian RUDDEN 27:09, Heather SPENCE 28:08, Jonny ROWNTREE 28:15, Shaun CARTON 28:47, Patrick MAGEE 29:31, Bernie HANNIGAN 30:16, Jonathan HUDDLESTON 30:17, Anne JACK 30:38, Barry McBRIDE 31:39, Colin CONNOLLY 32:20, Gemma WRAY 35:01, Caitriona MACKLE 35:47, Fergal MACKLE 35:48, Andrew WILMOT 58:17

Westport – David O’NEILL 18:52

Limavady – Brian MOORE 20:21, Ryan GRAY 21:24, John BUTCHER 22:24, Kevin McLEAN 22:35, Stephen McLAUGHLIN 23:07, Adrian FINLAY 23:21, Janet PATRICK 27:26, Gael BUTCHER 30:19, Ingrid HAMILTON 30:19, Linda McMICHAEL 34:19

Jersey – Lorraine ABERNETHY 31:45, Amanda SCOTT 33:24, Catherine BYERS 35:26, Elaine MONTGOMERY 38:06

Buncrana – Chris DENTON 18:02

Ifield Mill Pond – Roisin WALKER 29:20

Garvagh Forest – Paul LAVERTY 23:20, Michael McKEOWN 27:10, Kay HACK 38:58

Charlton – Alan WHITE 27:47, Alison C DUNCAN 29:52, Nicola WHITE 32:02, Heather McLAUGHLIN 32:33

Aidan Mooney at the RunAthy Half Marathon in Co; Kildare
Gael Butcher, Ingrid Hamilton, John Butcher, Linda McMichael, Sinead Graham, Kathryn Campbell, Amanda Kershaw and Ryan Campbell at the Omagh Half Marathon
Brian Moore at the Omagh Half Marathon
Deborah McPhee at the Omagh Half Marathon
Leanne Quigley at the Omagh Half Marathon
Alison Duncan and Heather McLaughlin at the London Landmarks Half Marathon
Gael Burcher and Ingrid Hamilton at Limavady Parkrun
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