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Rallying call for unionist unity at the ballot box from Gregory Campbell


There have been a number of people making predictions for the East Londonderry election outcome, many have missed some fundamentally important points. 

The first is that on this occasion there are three Unionist candidates contesting the seat, this has not happened for 14 years.

While this is regrettable it is democracy and when this last happened in 2010, the same three Unionist Parties had a candidate in the contest and I received 12,000 votes while the other two Parties received 8,800 votes between them. SF got almost 7,000 and the SDLP over 5,000. I had a large majority in 2019 but the three Parties, SDLP, SF and  Alliance that were vying for second place then were all tightly bunched together with less than 240 votes between them, that is most unlikely to happen this time round.  

Obviously the Sinn Fein vote has risen since 2010, there have been some small changes to the boundaries and now there is once again a three way division in Unionism, voters have a choice to make.

It is important that East Londonderry has a voice in Parliament speaking up for people here, I have been a campaigner and someone who keeps raising issues that matter, who doesn’t quit when tough times come, and who will press for a better future for all while not allowing some to rewrite the past that many had to endure.

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