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PSNI REaL event in Causeway Coast and Glens

The PSNI held a Reference, Engagement and Listening (REaL) event with stakeholders from across the community in Causeway Coast and Glens.

As a Service, the PSNI  are committed to continually engaging to ensure they hear and understand the community’s views on their service.

In line with their ‘Here for You’ Public Engagement Vision wthey want to hear how they can work with you to shape each of the strategy’s five pillars of attraction and recruitment, pro-active engagement, effective neighbourhood policing, procedural fairness and local accountability to address the needs and concerns of the community.

Yvonne Boyle and Stephanie Quigley

Constable Robyn O’Connor with a colleague

Frankie Cunningham and friends.

Eleanne Aiken and Lorna Young

Bethany Holmes and Const Joanna Cameron

Cathryn Taylor Const Robyn O’Connor and Jane Ferris

Annn Vance and Richard Stewart

PSNI Officers

Causeway Chronicle

Causeway Chronicle