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Irish band Picture This is release their new single “Satellites,” a heartfelt track that continues to showcase the band’s unparalleled ability to tap into the emotional core of their listeners. Following the success of their previous album, “Parked Car Conversations,” “Satellites” offers fans a deep, resonant exploration of unconditional love and support.

Of the track, the band say “’Satellites’ is a song about having an unconditional love for somebody that you care about and being an unconditional support system for them too. It’s about taking on the responsibility and pressure of being there for somebody with open arms and letting them know that it’s not a burden on you, no matter what. Sometimes in life you have to take the wheel for somebody else for a minute while they go through stuff and when you love somebody deeply that’s something you do without even thinking about it. It’s second nature. “S” is a song for those unbreakable bonds we are lucky enough to share with the people that we love in our lives.”

With “Satellites”, Picture This delve into the depths of human connection, presenting a narrative that many will find profoundly relatable. The band’s signature melodic sensibilities and poignant lyrics are on full display, offering listeners both solace and inspiration. 

Picture This have built a reputation for their emotionally charged music and compelling storytelling, and “Satellites” is no exception. As the band continues to evolve, they remain committed to creating music that resonates on a deeply personal level, and their new single is a shining example of this dedication.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson