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New Belfast clubbing event for the over 30s

New clubbing event for the over 30s caters to those who’ve “still got it.

”A nightclub experience aimed at early risers,

The 30+ Club takes place from 5pm-9pm on 6th April

in Limelight Belfast.

Tickets are on sale Friday at 10am from

In our teens and twenties, many of us lived for the weekend when we could let loose at the local nightclub and dance all our cares away.   When we hit our 30s however, the chances for a late night out get fewer with reasons such as looking after children, working shifts, clubs being “too young” or those Saturday night transport troubles.  A new clubbing event, “The 30+ Club” aims to shift the clock on when it’s acceptable to hit the dancefloor by finishing in plenty of time to catch the last bus home. 

The launch party will take place in Belfast’s most iconic music venue, the Limelight, Saturday 6th April, from 5pm-9pm and will feature a much-improved experience than you might remember from clubs in years gone by.  Sticky floors and dodgy speakers have been replaced with world-class sound and lighting production, signature cocktails, interactive games and giveaways, with a few more surprises thrown in on the night. 

The all-important ingredient in a good club night is the music, so much thought and consideration has gone in to the line-up.  In room one, DJ Dave Ralston will be spinning hits from across the decades, music that was made for dancing to.  In the Limelight Lounge, live singer Joe McKeague (the Rapparees) will offer a change of pace for those who prefer rock, folk & indie singalongs. The 30+ Club is the perfect team activity and the organisers offer special deals for birthday groups, work parties, hens, stags or even just a big girls night out.   

Anticipation is building ahead of the launch party so book a babysitter, grab your tickets, dress to boogie and prepare for an evening to remember, with the satisfaction of being well rested in the morning!
Strictly 30+, ID required from all patrons regardless of age.  Offers are available for groups of 10 or more people.  

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson