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Muir meets with local vegetable producer 

Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Andrew Muir is pictured with Alexander Lyttle on the tour of the farm and vegetable production site, just outside Newtownards.

Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Andrew Muir has met with local vegetable producer and supplier, Roy Lyttle.

Roy, along with his wife Sheila and son Alexander, have been growing, preparing and packaging seasonal vegetables for over 35 years and supplying to local businesses.

During his visit, the Minister heard about the history of the business, how they grow, harvest and prepare their crops including the use of new and innovative technology. The Minister also had an informative tour of the farm including the packaging facilities where he heard of the work and saw firsthand the multiple stages required to prepare the crops before they are distributed to suppliers.

Speaking after the visit, Minister Muir said: “I’m delighted to visit this horticulture farm on the outskirts of Newtownards.  It’s been really inspiring engaging with Roy and his family hearing how the business started and has developed over the years, the work that goes into growing, harvesting and packaging as well as hearing about the new innovative technology being used on this farm to produce high quality crops. 

“My department supports the sustainable growth of our local horticulture industry to help improve its overall productivity and sustainability, grow the economy, and help ensure the stability of the food supply chain.

“I recognise the uniqueness and potential of the horticulture sector and fully recognise the many challenges the industry is facing. As Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, I am determined to do what I can to support the horticulture industry here in Northern Ireland and I look forward to further engagement with the horticulture sector in the time ahead.”

Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Andrew Muir is pictured with Alexander, Sheila and Roy Lyttle on a visit to their farm where they grow, prepare vegetable and supply to local businesses.

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