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Local businessmen taking ‘Giant’ steps to boost tourism

A couple of local businessmen are taking a ‘Giant’ step forward in promoting the Causeway Coast area as the ideal destination for a luxury holiday.

Jasper McKeag and Todd Moore-Wilson are the brains behind Giant Homes.

Jasper has twice won Accomodation of the Year for his own holiday home The Old Bushmills Barn. 

Following on from that success, he opened The Old Mount Manor, bringing high end tourism to Coleraine.

Their latest venture is a fantastic Air B and B in the outskirts of Portrush.

Giant Homes are a curated collection of the Causeway Coast’s best holiday homes.

“In recent years there has been a big shift in luxury travel,” explained Jasper.

“More and more people are moving away from hotels towards ‘villas’ or large homes.

“That’s because it is often more luxurious and a more authentic experience for tourists, giving them a real sense of what it is like to live on the Causeway Coast.”

So what prompted Giant Homes?

“There’s been a shift from luxury holidays globally to exclusive private properties,” added Jasper.

“We felt there was a need for a specialist company for both owners and guests and that’s where the idea came from.”

Along with childhood friend Todd, Giant Homes was born.

Jasper and Todd both spent over ten years working in luxury travel.

Their knowledge and expertise in their chosen field has won them many awards and accolades.

All Giant Home properties come with a range of additional extras.

To make your stay at any of the properties extra special, you can avail of services such as private chefs, private drivers, yoga instructors, private tour guides, hot tub hire, concierge services and a range of local golf and sightseeing experiences! 

“On behalf of Giant Homes, I would like to thank the entire tourism product of the Causeway Coast for being so polished and for their success in welcoming the worlds elite and showing them a memorable time,” added Jasper.

To view more of their properties or to book a Giant Home holiday:

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