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Lilla Vargen Releases New single ‘Belong’

New EP ‘Drive’ due for release on May 10th 2024  

One of Ireland’s finest songwriting talents, Lilla Vargen is back with her stunning new single ‘Belong’ and details of her new EP ‘Drive’, which is available on May 10th 2024.  

Lilla Vargen first made waves back in 2019, when she toured Europe, the UK and Ireland with Dermot Kennedy. Since then, her music has accumulated over 70 million streams across all platforms. Having overcome a few setbacks, both inside and outside the industry, she has been working hard to find her place in music again.

Her next release, a four-track EP called Drive, is the result of that work. All of its songs are written and co-produced by Lilla, now releasing as an independent artist.  She says of the finished record: ‘I’m proud of this work. I’ve had the space and time to write the songs I want to write, produce the music I want to produce, and the whole process has been a breath of fresh air. In our industry, it’s sometimes the loudest voices, rather than the most creative ones, that get heard, and I hope this EP will give my audience a sense of what that can feel like.

Ultimately, these songs are about new beginnings, and having the drive to keep going. But they’re also about rediscovering the joy of music. After all, when I settled on Drive as a title, I did have a road trip soundtrack somewhere in my mind!’ The first track is called ‘Belong’ and will be released on Friday 26th January 2024.”  

EP Tracklist 1.     Belong2.     No Fool3.     Drive4.     The One Thing For more information on Lilla;

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson