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Grand Opera House Studio  Sat 13 April 2024

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From the captivating landscapes of Ireland, 22-year-old musician and songwriter Jamie Duffy has become a notable force in the music scene. Seamlessly blending traditional, popular, and classical influences, Jamie’s distinctive musical style captivates with its beauty and evocativeness. In a landmark debut, Jamie unveiled “Solas,” a piano masterpiece translating to ‘light’ in Irish.

This track not only made history as the most streamed debut song by an Irish artist since Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” but has also achieved remarkable success on Spotify alone, amassing over 65 million streams and averaging 755k streams per week. With over a million monthly listeners, Jamie Duffy is becoming a household name in the realm of music. The official video for “Solas” has soared to over 10 million views, while his TikTok channel boasts more than 191 thousand followers, 5.8 million likes, and Solas sound has been viewed 54.6 million times. 

Jamie’s collaboration with County Mayo cellist Patrick Dexter resulted in the enchanting track “Into The West,” drawing inspiration from the rugged shores of the Irish Atlantic coast. The song pays homage to those who ventured abroad from Ireland in pursuit of a better life, all while reflecting on the haunting beauty of the landscape they left behind. Expanding his collaborative repertoire, Jamie joined forces with Moncrieff, contributing his powerful and beautiful piano playing to a poignant track that mirrors an emotional journey from London to Waterford. Released in April, 2023, the song encapsulates the desperation and hope of salvaging a relationship, with Moncrieff’s heartfelt vocals driving the narrative against Jamie Duffy’s powerful piano melodies. 

Continuing his exploration of diverse musical landscapes, Jamie’s single “Réalta” is a rich and uplifting instrumental piano piece, celebrating the enchanting experience of celestial gazing during the wee small hours amidst the darkness of the Irish countryside. His song, “Eyrie,” marks a collaboration with Swedish neo-classical composer Peter Sandberg. Co-written in London and recorded in Uppsala, Sweden, the track features a cinematic ambiance, blending Jamie’s haunting Irish low-whistle with Peter’s sweeping orchestral arrangement for 18 string players. “Eyrie” captures a unique synergy, underscoring Jamie Duffy’s evolution as a versatile and innovative musician. Notably, Jamie’s musical journey continues to unfold with exciting collaborations, including a recent partnership with Kingfishr to release a new version of their debut single, ‘Flowers-Fire.’ This rendition, released in October, 2023, introduces a piano, replacing the acoustic guitar picking of the original version.

Eddie’s low vocals seamlessly intertwine with Jamie’s melodic piano, creating a dynamic that builds in tempo, incorporating banjo strums, and culminating in an epic yet vulnerable ending. The collaboration showcases Jamie Duffy’s ability to infuse his distinctive style into diverse musical landscapes, solidifying his status as a rising star in the industry.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson