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Heights Football Club support kits for Zomba appeal

As we prepare for a new season, many clubs are getting new kits sponsored, and some may have kits that are no longer needed.

If so, they may be put to good use by being sent to the children and young men and women of Zomba in Malawi.

The legacy Coleraine Borough Council had established a memorandum of understanding with Zomba for technical, environmental and other links with the city.

That includes sport. And to help the young sportsmen and women of Uganda, ZAP, (Zomba Action Project) collect equipment and sporting goods which are shipped to Zomba twice a year.

This year, I am asking sporting clubs, football, youth football, GAA, rugby, boxing etc., etc., if they have any kit they are not using anymore if they would like to donate it to the ZAP who will send to Zomba in one of the containers they ship over as part of their ongoing help for the South African City.

If any club has any kit they would like to donate to Zomba, it can be left at the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Offices, Portstewart Road, Coleraine or, it can be left at my office in New Row, Coleraine.

If left at my office, we can get a photograph of the kit being handed over which will be delivered to Cloonavin for storage until the next shipment is being sent to Zomba.

Alan Steel, Heights Football Club, Coleraine, donates a no longer needed football kit to the Zomba Kit Appeal on behalf of the club for the Zomba Action project Kit Appeal.


The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Zomba City Council in southern Malawi marks the revival of a relationship initiated by the legacy Coleraine Borough Council in 2002.

As part of the renewed connection, ZAP members are keen to garner support from all parts of the new Council area. The charity is seeking cross community interest and involvement from those with an interest in Malawi and the developing world, experience of fund raising, community networks, teachers/classroom assistants, farmers or health workers. In other words, the invitation is open to everybody with enthusiasm and energy.

Over the past 14 years, some £700,000 has been contributed through ZAP for small projects in Zomba but there is much more to do. The activities that will flow from the MOU will be shaped by the fact that Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council cannot use ratepayers’ money for projects in Zomba and the Council there is constrained by its limited resources as a developing world council.  

ZAP aims to extend the relationship between the two Councils into their respective communities. It wants to encourage our community to take an interest in what life is like in Zomba and identify how we can alleviate hardship.

ZAP is a registered Charity endorsed by the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council in support of its connection with Zomba City Council in southern Malawi.

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Maurice Bradley