Causeway Chronicle

Health & Safety Upgrades Planned for Portballintrae Harbour

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has submitted a planning application for a series of health and safety upgrades to the harbour area and adjacent lands at Beach Road, Portballintrae. The proposed works aim to enhance the functionality and safety of the harbour for both locals and visitors.

The upgrades include a diverse range of improvements. Among these are the provision of painted markings to guide harbour users and ensure organised movement within the area. In addition, the council plans to paint around mooring bollards and mooring rings, boosting visibility and reducing potential accidents.

The proposal also outlines the introduction of new vehicle bollards. These structures will play an essential role in controlling vehicular traffic in the area, contributing to the overall safety of pedestrians and other harbour users.

The council will replace existing guardrails and add new ones.

The plan also includes a significant upgrade to the lighting and CCTV systems in the area. The council aims to install new lights and improve the existing ones. This enhancement will not only make the harbour more secure but also more welcoming during evening hours. Additionally, the upgrade of the CCTV system, coupled with the installation of new buried cable routes, will enhance surveillance, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

These proposed works represent a significant investment in the safety and usability of the Portballintrae Harbour. They reflect the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and service in public spaces.


Geoffrey Moffett