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Glackin signs contract extension with Coleraine 

Jamie Glackin has agreed a new two-year deal with Coleraine.

This extension will see Glackin commit his future to the new full-time model and remain at the Showgrounds until at least 2026.

On penning his new deal, the 29-year-old said: “It feels great to finally get it done and over the line with no hassle and just in time to get myself ready for pre season thankfully.

“I’ve loved every minute I’ve had at the club so far and now I’m delighted and excited to be joining on a full-time basis.”

The experienced midfielder has made 210 appearances for the club and has become an integral part of the team since his arrival from Crusaders under Rodney McAree in January 2019. 

When asked what made him opt to dedicate himself to the Bannsiders for a further two years Glackin added: “Just the way the club is going. From I joined the club back in January 2019, I’ve seen it grow so much and it’s a credit to those who work non stop to keep it the way it is, a club that’s so together with such a massive fanbase surrounding it.

“I feel I can’t leave that and want to be part of this full time journey with Dean who I know and have played with. It’s only gonna get better.”

Also expressing his eagerness to start the 24/25 campaign as a full-time player, Jamie told Coleraine FC Media: “I’m excited to get going and see this group of players everyday to what will only make the changing room even stronger together.

“I’ve no doubt that full time for this club will work, we’ve a great core of young boys coming through here and that only stands us in good stead.”

Pic: Maurice Bradley, Causeway Chronicle

Jamie Glackin, who has penned a new two-year deal at the Ballycastle Road Showgrounds.


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