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Giants Set Sights on the Shield

Sunday 30th June saw the Causeway Giants suffer defeat at the hands of the Wexford Eagles, with the game ending 19-0.

It was a long trip to Wexford for a replay of last season’s Division 2 final, and the Eagles took an early lead on their first drive, not giving the Giants a chance to get back into it.

The first half closed out with a 19-0 scoreline, and while some notable Giants’ injuries stopped any offensive rhythm, the defence bolstered to keep the Eagles scoreless for the last two quarters; a positive to take from a hard hitting fixture.

The journey back to the north coast gave the Giants plenty of time to focus their sights on their next target, the Division 1 Shield. With a few final decisions to be made by the league the Giants sit in 5th place with a record of 4-3-1; a solid debut season in Division 1.

Their position in the table means their next game, barring any surprises, will be on the 13th July in the Division 1 Shield semi-finals. Their opponents will be decided by the upcoming fixture between the Derry/Donegal Vipers and the Belfast Razorbacks on Sunday 7th July.

Whoever their opponents turn out to be, the Giants will be looking to close out their 2024 season with a bang, with the aim being to hit their pre season for 2025 with some momentum.

Causeway Chronicle

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