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Footy for the over 55’s

Have you ever felt lost and lonely after hanging up your boots? Well, you’re not alone! Many footballers struggle with the decision to retire from the beautiful game, and the loss of fitness and camaraderie can have a detrimental effect on their well-being.

That’s why Peter Morrow, a Coleraine man, decided to take action and create a weekly get-together for those aged 55 and above who still love the game.

The age group varies, with one regular participant now in his 80’s and still strutting his stuff!

Peter has been organising the session in Coleraine for about four years now, and it’s held every Thursday at the University campus from 10-11am.

There’s a regular turnout of around 16, but the more the merrier!

The main idea behind the get-together is to give those who still love the game but had to give it up for whatever reason a chance to play again, but less competitively. 

“Amongst other things, it improves overall mental and physical health,” explained Peter. “And after the game, we have a room at the University where we all catch up over tea and coffee.”

Everyone over 55 looking to get back into the game is welcome to come along.

And as the weather gets better, there is the option of using the 3g pitch instead of the sports hall.

The main goal is to have fun, exercise, and enjoy the benefit of social interaction.

So come along any Thursday, or if you want further details, contact Peter Morrow on 07938145698. 

Don’t let retirement get you down – come and join the fun!!!!


Michael Anderson