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Discover the beauty of the coastline with Sarah Carrington’s new exhibition at Roe Valley Arts Centre

The team at Roe Valley Arts Centre is thrilled to present ‘Coastline’, a showcase of the breath-taking works of professional artist Sarah Carrington.

This captivating collection of landscapes and coastal art will be on display from 15th July to 12th August 2023.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Sarah is a professional artist based on the north coast of Ireland who focusses on landscapes and coastlines, drawing inspiration from her surrounding area and homeland of Scotland.

Sarah uses emulsion, oil, ink and a variety of mixed media, often incorporating gold leaf. Her art invites the viewer to explore and experience the dramatic coastline and changing weather through the seasons. The viewer sees these changes through the artist’s eye, with her varied painting techniques capturing the mood effortlessly.

Significance of place holds a profound influence on people’s lives, and Sarah Carrington’s artworks bring forth a deep resonance with viewers. By portraying the magnificent vistas and perspectives of this picturesque area, she invites audiences to connect with the beauty and majesty of coastal scenery.

We invite everyone to join us on Saturday 15th July from 12 noon at Roe Valley Arts Centre for the launch of “Coastline”.

During the launch event, Sarah Carrington will showcase her artistic processes through a live painting demonstration. This unique opportunity allows attendees to observe and engage with the artist as she brings her creations to life, offering a deeper understanding of her artistry and varied techniques.

In addition to the exhibition, Sarah will also lead a now sold-out painting workshop on 22nd July. Thanks to everyone one who signed up for what promises to be a rare opportunity to glean 

hands-on experience and learn from the artist herself and further exploring the captivating wonder of mixed media coastal art.

For more information about the exhibition including opening times visit


Maurice Bradley