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Lavengro, the vibrant band hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, are ecstatic to unveil their second single of 2024, titled “Stuck in My Head’. This pop-perfect bop is a delightful concoction of infectious beats, catchy hooks, and a sing-along chorus that’s destined to become the anthem of the summer.

“Stuck in My Head” lyrically delves into the universal struggle of moving on from a past lover. The melodies mirror the relentless repetition of memories that refuse to fade away, capturing the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of looking back not able to move forward.

“It’s a sentiment that many can relate to – that feeling when a memory just won’t leave your mind, no matter how hard you try to shake it off” says the band, of the songs emotional resonance.

“But it’s in the melodic childlike rhyme of the chorus that plays on constant repeat in your mind, echoing the repetitive memory of your ex’s presence in your mind. Everywhere you go and you just can’t seem to get them out of your head”.

Following the success of their previous single, “Lie,” which propelled them into the top 5 most played Irish acts on radio and garnered playlist positions across national and UK radio, Lavengro is ready to solidify their position as an energetic and relatable band with “Stuck in My Head.”

Blending elements of pop-rock, indie-pop, and contemporary pop, “Stuck in My Head” features infectious melodies, dynamic rhythms, and anthemic choruses that will have listeners hitting repeat. But beyond the catchy beats lies a theme that hits close to home for many.

Each verse delves deeper into the emotional turmoil of trying to escape the past, grappling with the lingering presence of a love that refuses to fade away, even after moving on.

As the chorus kicks in, reality sets in, guaranteeing that “Stuck in My Head” will indeed live up to its name, resonating with listeners long after the music stops playing.

With their latest release, Lavengro prove once again that they are masters at crafting music that not only gets stuck in your head but also touches your heart. So get ready to press play and let Lavengro take you on a musical journey that will stick with you for some time to come.

Lavengro are the band to see this summer with appearances already locked in across Ireland, Europe and North America.

See Lavengro Perform:

Wild Roots Festival, Sligo, 31st May – June 3rd

Vestrock Festival, Netherlands, June 1st

Celtic Picnic, Vancouver Canada, June 8th

Live at The Pier, Donegal, June 28th – 30th

Stendhal Festival, Limavady, 4th – 6th July

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson