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Delight for manager and players

I was absolutely delighted for Oran and the players after Saturday’s win.

Having been a manager I know what it’s like.

You live and breathe the game, never switch off and it takes over your whole life.

The recent boos from some fans wasn’t nice.

I had it from day one when i was at Millwall!

I think Oran certainly deserved a bit more respect than that off the back of a couple of disappointing results.

Let’s make things clear. I am a Coleraine fan and like all fans I want to see us do well.

Saturday, and the second half in particular, was much better.

When we conceded early I’m sure Oran was thinking ‘here we go again’.

But the players showed great character and answered a lot of questions.

Josh Carson scored a great goal and he has quality in abundance.

I thought his partnership with Lee Lynch worked well and both Jake Wallace and Lyndon Kane did well.

When we moved the ball quicker and got it out to Andy Scott and Conor McKendry, we caused all sorts of problems.

Wingers love getting the ball early so they can isolate the full back.

Shevy (Matthew Shevlin) also benefits as he makes his runs to get on the end of the crosses.

When Conor plays the way he did he’s a terrific player. He scored a couple of great goals.

Coleraine appeared much fitter than Glenavon.

The only concern was we gave up too many chances in the first half.

The team has shown their quality in patches this season.

It’s a matter of finding that consistency now.

I was thrilled for Oran and his staff and the players at the final whistle.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson