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Councillors to be told Coleraine Fireworks Display is being relocated

Next week, Councillors on the Leisure & Development Committee will be told that the Coleraine Fireworks Display will relocate from Rugby Avenue to Ulster University.

A report that will be presented to Councillors next Tuesday evening says that while planning the 2023 Halloween event in Coleraine, the Tourism Events Team discovered recurring challenges with its usual venue at the Rugby Avenue site, particularly about mandatory cancellations due to unfavourable wind conditions affecting the fireworks display.

The report goes on to say that in prior years, this resulted in either outright cancellations or significant changes to the event. Recognising the possibility of future disruptions, particularly given the predicted wind patterns the team began exploratory negotiations with the University, which had been very receptive to the idea of working with Council on the evening entertainment element of the event.

The University location has significant benefits such as a larger space, abundant parking with over 2,000 places, and more facilities, making it a promising alternative for future events to minimise the issues faced at the Rugby Avenue site. 

The report also mentions that the events team is looking into a number of activities in conjunction with the BID team for Coleraine Town Centre in the afternoon. 


Geoffrey Moffett