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Councillor Allister Kyle, praises Bushmills duo in their Race for MacMillan Cancer 

Causeway Councillor Allister Kyle has praised Bushmills duo Laura Harpur and Mark McKeown who have taken on the task of rounding up 20 friends and family to run with them in this weekend’s Belfast Marathon Relay.

Councillor Kyle said: “Laura was unexpectedly diagnosed with thyroid cancer in November 2022 and following surgery to have what was believed to have been a benign lump removed from her thyroid, it turned out to be cancer, with more cells growing in her thyroid gland.

“Following more surgery and treatment the young mother of two was confined to a room for 5 days with no contact from anyone else, due to the severity of the treatment. 

“Laura has never forgotten the support she received from MacMillan Cancer Support who were constantly there for her from shortly after her diagnosis until the present day. 

“They helped explain her diagnosis, assisted in applying and securing counselling and supported her with various other challenges since November 2022.

Laura and her partner Mark have taken it upon themselves to raise funds and awareness for MacMillan Cancer in recognition of all they have done for them. They set up a go fund me page with the target of £1,000 and due to the generosity of many, they have more than doubled that target amount and donations are still coming in”, said Cllr Kyle

If you have not donated yet there is still time to help with this very worthwhile cause. Laura, Mark, friends and family don’t start the marathon until this Sunday 5th May. The link is below:

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