Causeway Chronicle

Comprehensive Safety Upgrades Slated for Portrush Harbour

Portrush Harbour, located on Ramore Road in Portrush, is set to undergo a series of significant health and safety upgrades, according to a recent planning application. 

The scope of the proposed work includes several essential features designed to enhance the area’s functionality and safety. These upgrades will entail the provision of painted markings, painting around mooring bollards and mooring rings, introducing new vehicle bollards, and replacing existing guardrails.

In addition to these physical changes, there is also a plan to improve the lighting and security systems in the area. This will involve the provision of new lights, the upgrading of existing lights, and the enhancement of the current CCTV system, including the installation of new buried cable routes.

The Council’s planning committee will hear the application later this year.


Geoffrey Moffett