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Coleraine Football Club takes strategic steps to safeguard brand with trademark applications

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Coleraine Football Club has taken a significant step to fortify its brand protection, demonstrating its foresight and commitment to its future. The club has recently applied for four trademarks, encompassing both figurative and word marks, in a robust approach to securing its brand identity.

Ansons, a noted Intellectual Property (IP) firm based in Northern Ireland, facilitated the registrations. 

Specialising in IP rights, Ansons submitted the Coleraine Football Club Limited applications to the Intellectual Property Office last month. This initiative underscores the club’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property assets comprehensively.

Each of the four trademarks includes registrations across 12 different classes. This extensive classification indicates Coleraine Football Club’s intent to safeguard various aspects of its operations. Trademark classes typically cover a broad range of goods and services, and securing multiple classes helps protect the brand across diverse business activities. 

The decision to register multiple trademarks across several classes is a strategic one, reflecting the club’s forward-thinking approach. This move prevents unauthorised use of the brand’s logo or name across different sectors and enhances marketing strategies by ensuring that the club’s brand remains exclusive and legally protected. 

This legal protection is crucial as it equips the club with the tools to tackle potential infringements and misuse in the marketplace, fostering optimism about the club’s future prospects.

By securing their intellectual property through comprehensive trademarks, Coleraine Football Club can more confidently engage with sponsors, partners, and fans, knowing their brand is legally protected. 

This level of protection is fundamental in today’s digital age, where brand visibility extends far beyond the local community to a global audience via the internet.

Assuming that there are no oppositions, the usual timeframe is 4 – 6 months for registration.  Once registered, the marks will be valid for 10 years. 

Although some of those seeking to be registered are very similar to what was in use by the former Coleraine FC Academy under the auspices of the Harry Gregg Foundation and is in use by the Coleraine and District League.


Geoffrey Moffett