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Coina progress in Morning League Cup

Fergal Coyle, Hattrick scorer and Man of the Match pictured centre with some of the goal scorers.

Coina would welcome Portstewart Town Blues to Craiglea Gardens for a home fixture in the Morning Cup Round of 16. 

Coina Rovers would start the contest as the more threatening side by controlling the possession and having countless dangerous attacking opportunities which was evident when a Poddy Wilson cross onto the head of Peadar Coyle banged off the post before Fergal Coyle riffled the ball home for the opening goal of the game on the 16th minute. 

It would later be followed 12 minutes later when Aidan McErlean took a shot which took a deflection before hitting the net, no more than a minute later Fergal Coyle would run down the wing and cut inside before placing the ball into the bottom left to put Coina 3-0 just 29 minutes into the Cup tie.

Coina would then see themselves awarded a penalty just six minutes later, no other man to hit it but last week’s star man Poddy Wilson who stepped up and slotted the ball into the top right to put the Coina 4-0 up 35 minutes in. 

Fergal Coyle would recreate a similar goal to his second on the 41st minute when he was seen down the left wing again and cut inside to smash the ball into the top right this time which would seal the match ball for Coyle in a MOTM performance.

Portstewart would get one back with a nicely finished strike into the bottom left from their Number 9 on the 41st, a scoreline which would later see the half come to an end with a sitting at 6-1 to Coina.

Portstewart were getting rowdy with the scoreline and were shown cards resulting in a second yellow, sending number 3, Hill for an early shower, from this Coina would capitalise when Aidan McErlain was seen through on goal where he slot the ball into the bottom left putting his side 7-1 only 50 minutes into the game.

Portstewart would get a second back but still looked no threat to large leading Coina who would see their 8th and final goal of the cup tie through McGuckin for a back post finish, the Coina ending the game 8-2 in a very dominating manner compared to their first encounter with this side this season which seen Coina take their only loss so Coina will be pleased to get one back on travelling side.

Coina Rovers- 1. McErlean 2. Wilson 3. Totten 4. Mullan 5. Walshe 6. P.Diamond 7. F.Coyle 8. C.Diamond 9. C.Chambers 10. A. McErlain 11. P.Coyle 

Portstewart Town Blues – 1. McMullan, 2. Kearney, 3. Hill, 4. Mooney, 5. Miller, 6. Hanson, 7. Watters, 9. Gregg, 10. Mullan, 11. Murdoch, 16. McArdle

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