Causeway Chronicle

Bushmills community rally behind Joniece Sheppard

A highly popular Pudding Party was held in Bushmills Orange Hall, organised by the Brethren of Portballintrae Royal Blues LOL1142, and Sister of Daughters of Dalriada WLOL234 to raise funds to take Joniece Sheppard for her much needed surgery in London.

There were many puddings on offer to sample, as well as raffle prizes and speacial treat: seeing Brother Nevin Brewster having his chest waxed along with Bro. Stephen Moore.

That alone was well worth the visit to the festivities on offer which were to help raise much needed funds to allow Janiece to travel to London for surgical procedures to enhance her quality of life.

On Tuesday, July 30 the family will make their first trip London where Joniece will undergo for the following procedures: GI Upper Endoscopy pH study; Per-Cutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy plus full nutritional screen,urine for total body Vit B12 and Botox injection into salivary glands.

Joniece’s father Matthew Sheppard was delighted that raising the funds necessary to provide living changing/saving surgery for his 4-year-old daughter had been so successful.

Joniece has Celebral Palsy. This has resulted in many significant health problems and countless hospital admissions over the past few years of her very young life.

Joniece will again travel to London 3 to 4 months after these procedures are carried out for further procedures (to be announced once confirmed) that can now be performed due to the overwhelming community support.

That fantastic support will allow Joniece to benefit even more in life due to the generosity of the entire community.The family express their sincere gratitude to everyone that supported them in anyway  will provide further updates to Joniece’s progress over the coming months.


Maurice Bradley