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BRUMOUS: A solo exhibition by award-winning artist Aidan Crotty

Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre is delighted to present BRUMOUS, a solo exhibition showcasing the works of the highly accomplished artist, Aidan Crotty, based in Sligo.

The exhibition will be held from 12th January to 16th February, featuring a carefully curated selection of Aidan’s paintings that delve into the beauty of overlooked spaces and the transient nature of the environment.

Aidan’s painting practice is deeply rooted in the observation of everyday surroundings, with a particular focus on the often-neglected corners of the landscape. His work explores the theme of decomposition within the environment, skilfully capturing the essence of dormant or inanimate objects encountered in the landscapes where he resides.

As a seasoned painter, Aidan has been honing his craft since 2005, consistently pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression. Recently, he completed a 6-month residency at The Model Studios in Sligo, generously funded by Sligo Arts Service.

Aidan’s dedication and talent have been recognized through prestigious awards, including the ESB Keating Award and Silver Medal at the RHA in 2022, as well as the Zurich Portrait Prize in 2020 at the National Gallery of Ireland.

To complement the exhibition, Aidan will be hosting a workshop on ‘Painting from Life’ on Thursday, 18th January. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to engage with the artist’s process and gain insights into the techniques that bring his paintings to life.

For more information about the exhibition and the Painting from Life workshop, please visit or contact 028 7776 0650.

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