Causeway Chronicle


Gemma Brolly, Chair of the S.O.S. Causeway Campaign aimed at saving services in Causeway Hospital has expressed her frustration and dismay at the actions of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust following a recent Board meeting.

Mrs Brolly said: “The litany of obstructions that the Trust have sought to put in the way of the campaign is nothing short of scandalous.  

At the last Board meeting the campaign was denied speaking rights and at this meeting we were asked to jump through several meaningless bureaucratic hoops to make a presentation the Board members refused to answer questions on despite being given adequate notice.

The campaign are aware this process needs to be carried out in a legitimate fashion, but there is no justification for what we feel is the censorship being employed by the Board and Trust around this matter.

We had asked questions around the Rural Needs Assessment and the concerns staff have about capacity currently.  We are aware Antrim Area Hospital had asked Causeway to take some of their admissions recently and were unable to, yet the Trust could not answer today as to how these situations will be addressed after the 17th July.

The campaign will meet further to consider the offer of a meeting with the Chief Executive and senior officers directly to convey our ever-growing list of concerns.

We in the S.O.S. Causeway Campaign will fight tooth and nail for our hospital to be treated equally to Antrim or any other, that applies to access to services, recruitment, investment, everything needed to ensure our community have equal access to a high standard of health care.”


Maurice Bradley