Causeway Chronicle

Bradley challenges Trust to justify centralisation of services in greater Belfast area

East Londonderry DUP MLA Maurice Bradley has expressed disappointment, but no surprise that the Northern Trust is consulting on the provision of surgical services at Causeway Hospital. 

“Let’s be honest, recent consultations carried out by the Northern Trust have been in my opinion a sham, ” said the Coleraine based MLA. “It is my belief that the outcomes have been decided before the consultation. “The removal of maternity services at Causeway is an example of this. 

“I would appeal to all staff to respond to this engagement exercise in relation to the provision of general surgery. And, if this goes to a public consultation, it is vital that constituents from within the East Londonderry area respond and make a strong case to keep surgical services. 

“The list of services removed from the Causeway Hospital by the Northern Trust is mounting and surgical services cannot be another. 

“The DUP group will be meeting with the Northern Trust,  Chief Executive, Jennifer Welsh in the next week.  I will be making my views very clear. “It is time for the Northern Trust to be honest about their plans for the Causeway Hospital. “We are fed up being soft soaked  – we need a fully functioning hospital here in Coleraine. 

“This continual removal of services from Causeway to Antrim consolidates major healthcare around the Greater Belfast Area. This leaves those in the North Coast without adequate provision, it is simply not good enough.”


Maurice Bradley