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Bam Bam has arrived!

Late opponent change for Matty

Matty Boreland makes his professional boxing debut on Saturday night.

He landed in Durham on Friday to discover he has a change of opponent.

And he will also be fighting at a different weight!

But the late changes haven’t put the Coleraine man off!

Matty will now fight Louis Smithson at 130lbs.

He is expected in the ring at Spennymoor Leisure Centre around 6.30pm.

“We flew over at 7am this morning,” Matty told me.

“We thought the weigh-in was going to be Friday afternoon but apparently it’s now Saturday at 2pm.

“There’s been a late change of opponent and I’ll be fighting at a different weight to what I was originally expecting.

“It was originally 122lbs so it’s a big jump but it had to be done to get a fight.

“With the weigh in not until tomorrow, the heavier weight will suit better.

“I’ve settled into the house and today I’ve just been chilling and sleeping!

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Best of luck from the Causeway Chronicle team!

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson