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ASCERT encourages people to rethink their drink during Alcohol Awareness Week 2023

Northern Ireland Alcohol Awareness Week 2023 takes place from 19th – 25th June.  The aim of the campaign is to help raise awareness of alcohol consumption, encouraging people to stay healthy and reduce the harm caused by drinking too much, too frequently.  

The Health Survey (NI) 2020/2021 report published by the Department of Health recorded a 4% increase in adults aged 18 and over drinking alcohol – representing 81% of the overall population, with a quarter of men reporting that they drink on 3 or more days each week. 

22% of all adult drinkers report they have been drinking more since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

ASCERT recognised this as a growing issue and responded by launching a campaign – RETHINK YOUR DRINK – encouraging individuals to consider if it is time for a change with their drinking habits.Some questions to consider if you are worried you may be drinking too much, too often:

  •   Has a friend or family member expressed concern about your drinking habits?
  •   How many alcohol free days do you have each week?
  •   Do you know how many units of alcohol you are regularly consuming or what the guideline limits are?

ASCERT Chief Executive Gary McMichael said “When it comes to alcohol around 80% of the population drink and a significant number of those drink at levels which are problematic for them.  If the answers to these questions are resonating with you personally, I urge you to take some time and consider if it is time for a change in your relationship with alcohol.”

“The first step you can take is to visit the RETHINK YOUR DRINK area of our website.  We have developed self-help digital resources including an Alcohol MOT Test and you can visit our virtual bar to check the alcohol units in your favourite tipple.  These tools are there so that people can help themselves in order to achieve a positive change in their alcohol use”

Gary continued “The South Eastern and Western Connections teams will be out and about in local communities delivering awareness events throughout Northern Ireland Awareness Week encouraging the community to assess their drinking habits and make more informed choices.”

More information on these events can be found at and RETHINK YOUR DRINK self help tools are available at

If you would like to find out more about ASCERT’s services on alcohol and substance misuse, go to or call 0800 254 5123

For more information contact Fiona McCann, Fundraising and Marketing Manager on 0800 254 5123 or email

Gary McMichael, Chief Executive, ASCERT

ASCERT is a Northern Ireland charity and leading provider of services addressing drugs and alcohol related issues.  Their mission is to address alcohol and drug related issues; reduce harm and support positive change.

Their vision is to have a society that is protected from the harm that can result from alcohol and drug use.  To do this they address alcohol and drug use directly and also the other related social factors that contribute to substance use problems such as mental health, poverty, employment and housing.

They do this through approaches that result in the prevention of substance use problems at individual, community and societal levels, providing effective intervention that supports positive change that reduces the harm caused by substance use and supporting recovery.



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Maurice Bradley