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Taking a wee trip down Memory Lane and a look at the activities during Windyhall Community Week 2003

Can anyone name the young lads above?

Horseshoe competitors for the Syd Rosborough Trophy from left: Derek “Wabby” Watton, Edna King, the late Davy Cochrane, the late Syd Rosborough, May Rosborough, Ian Jamieson, Ronld “Bapper” Watton, the late William Campbell. Kneeling William Culbertson, and John Gault.

The late Syd Rosborough presents an award to Ronald Watton.

The late Syd Rosborough with winner William Culbertson, and John Gault, runner-up

The one and only Jean Law, sadly no longer with us, but still fondly remembered with a young Janet McCarron.

Shiela Moore and Debbie Morrow

Making sure the BBQ is ready, the late Sandra Cooper.

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