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64 runners attend six different venues over weekend

The first weekend of 2024 saw lighter winds and brighter skies for the parkrun outings as sixty – four Springers made an appearance at six different venues.

The clearer sky meant a hard frost, and several of the parkruns were cancelled, with many others only going ahead after last minute inspections,

Portrush even provided a short but squally shower, just to remind everyone that it is January. Six personal bests were claimed as Adrian Finlay, Deborah McPhee, Alan White, Alison Duncan, Ingrid Hamilton and Shirley McGaffin started 2024 as they mean to go on.

“THANK YOU!” to all the volunteers who give so freely of their time each Saturday to make Parkrun happen, we really appreciate everything that you do.

Belfast Victoria – Bernadette O’KANE 20:38, Majella McATEER 24:01, Colin CONNOLLY 32:37

Portrush – David O’NEILL 18:32, Andy WHITEFORD 20:04, Maurice WALKER 20:51, Rhys WALKER 20:52, Fiona PRUE 21:07, Cathy ADAMS 23:01, Paul LAVERTY 23:05, David McGAFFIN 23:13, Mervyn THOMPSON 24:42, Jonathan HUDDLESTON 24:45, Reid JACK 25:09, Michael McKEOWN 26:20, Patricia CRAIG 26:46, Pamela HOWE 28:07, Andrew WILMOT 28:14, Alanna MILLAR 28:51, Mervyn ADAMS 29:01, Gemma WRAY 29:12, Bernie HANNIGAN 29:53, Aisling HYNES 30:53, George BRIEN 30:57, Anne JACK 31:12, Amanda SCOTT 31:16, Andrew WILSON 31:50, Pauline DUKE 31:54, Roisin WALKER 32:21, Naomi GORDON 33:53, Lorraine ABERNETHY 35:19, Emer THOMPSON 35:20, Iris WILSON 36:18, Rhona LAVERTY 36:33, Aimee Miller 38:42, Shirley McGAFFIN 38:44 PB, Kenneth BACON 43:24, Catherine BYERS 58:51

Limavady – Chris DENTON 17:51, John BUTCHER 19:49, Ryan GRAY 20:03, Peter TEES 22:29, Fergus THOMPSON 23:11, Gael BUTCHER 26:56, Alan STEEN 29:36, Linda McMICHAEL 33:56, John McMICHAEL 33:57

Lower Drummans – Alan PLATT 24:31, Janet PATRICK 26:27

Garvagh Forest – Rodney McPHEE 19:19, Reggie COLVILLE 23:52, Adrian FINLAY 23:56 PB, Gary KENDALL 24:18, Deborah McPHEE 24:34 PB, Enda YOUNG 25:19, Laurence BLAIR 26:46, Alan WHITE 27:59 PB, Patrick MAGEE 27:59, Alison C DUNCAN 28:53 PB, Heather McLAUGHLIN 31:13, Ingrid HAMILTON 31:15 PB, Sonya COLVILLE 35:25, Kay HACK 37:39

Derrynoid Forest – James HUGHES 21:43

Maurice Walker at Portrush parkrun

Bernadette Quinn, Colin Connolly & Magellanic McAteer at Victoria Park parkrun

Roisin Walker at Portrush parkrun

Catherine Byers at Portrush parkrun

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