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2022/23 Organised Crime Task Force Annual Report and Threat Assessment published 

Justice Minister Naomi Long has published the Organised Crime Task Force (OCTF) 2022/23 Annual Report and Threat Assessment.

Minister Long said: “The 2022/23 Organised Crime Task Force (OCTF) report highlights the efforts and successes of OCTF partners who work together to tackle organised crime in Northern Ireland.  £4.8million of cash and assets have been seized from criminals during this reporting period and I congratulate the partner organisations for their hard work and determination to thwart those crime groups who terrorise our communities.”

“These are not victimless crimes. These crime gangs are not friends or protectors of their communities. They are motivated primarily by greed, preying on the vulnerable and have no compunction in putting them in harm’s way for their own financial gain. 

Organised Crime takes many forms including drug trafficking, modern slavery/human trafficking, cyber-crime, counterfeiting, fuel laundering, waste crime, tobacco and alcohol smuggling, fraud, money laundering and acquisitive crime.

Minister Long continued: “The OCTF and partner agencies work hard and dedicate every resource into tackling these criminals and disrupting their activities. However, they can’t do it alone, we must continue to work together to put an end to this and stop these criminals at every opportunity.  I encourage communities to not support these criminals but to report their heinous crimes.

“We will continue to do everything within our power to disrupt these gangs from maintaining their lavish lifestyles and seize the proceeds of crime where possible.”

The annual report and threat assessment 2022 – 2023 is available at the publication section of the DoJ website at OCTF Annual Report and Threat Assessment 22-23 | Department of Justice (

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