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1-all at the Showgrounds

All square at the Showgrounds as the teams go one goal apiece.

The Bannsiders went behind to Jack Malone strike only six minutes in. Brown in the Glenavon goal was testd by Shevlin, McKendry and Scott before Carson curled in a free-kick from the edge of the area on 44 minutes.

A pretty tame affair as Glenavom also created quite a few good half-chances.

Coleraine 1 Gareth Deane GK 2 Lyndon Kane C 3 Dean Jarvis 7 Conor McKendry 9 Matthew Shevlin 11 Joshua Carson 16 Lee Lynch 20 Darren Cole 21 Jack O’Mahony 23 Jake Wallace 29 Andrew Scott Substitutions 12 Martin Gallagher GK 6 Aaron Jarvis 10 David McDaid 14 Kieran Farren 22 Andrew Mitchell 28 Lee McLaughlin 31 Senan Devine

Glenavon 1 Rory Brown GK 2 Conor Kerr 7 Matthew Snoddy 8 Jack Malone 10 Peter Campbell 11 Niall Quinn 16 Isaac Baird 20 Stephen Teggart 21 Aaron Prendergast 23 Daniel Wallace C 30 Sean Ward Substitutions 31 Ben Purvis GK 22 Tiarnan Mulvenna 26 Adam Davidson 29 Jackson Nesbitt 32 Bobby Harvey 34 Cohen Henderson

Referee: Raymond Crangle
1st assistant: Stephen Donaldson 2nd assistant: David Burns
4th official: Christopher Morrison

Action from Saturday’s first half at the Showgrounds.
Action from Saturday’s first half at the Showgrounds.

Maurice Bradley