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£1.25million for Assets Recovery Community Scheme projects 

Justice Minister Naomi Long has announced funding of £1.25million will be invested in communities through the Assets Recovery Community Scheme (ARCS)

The ARCS funding has been allocated to 43 projects and will be delivered over three years. The investment will help make a difference in communities through tackling crime and alleviating the fear of crime. 

The ARCS budget is derived from confiscation orders which may be made following a criminal conviction to recover the proceeds of crime. 

The Minister said: “The Scheme is an excellent example of investing in our communities to make positive changes. The projects supported in this round of funding will benefit victims, communities, and the environment through a wide range of programmes. The Scheme supports the Department’s commitment to work in partnership to create a fair, just and safe community where we respect the law and each other.

“Criminals are interested in one thing and that is lining their own pockets. Asset recovery is an integral part of the response to organised crime. I commend the partners on the Organised Crime Task Force for their continued efforts in prioritising asset recovery by bringing forward confiscation cases to deprive criminals of their ill-gotten gains.  Asset recovery funding helps the community make a direct link between operational action and the resulting benefits for those who suffer the most from the effects of organised crime.”

Initiatives funded include support for community safety initiatives, working with young people to build skills and confidence and reduce anti-social behaviour; preventing re-offending; domestic abuse and hate crime; raising awareness of fraud and scams and organised crime. 


Maurice Bradley