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Causeway Hospital must be backed


On 6th February, this year Councillors received a report from the Chief Executive and officials from the Northern Health and Social Care Trust.

“During the presentation, we were given an insight to the strategic vision for Causeway Hospital which disclosed there is much we should be proud of including the fact that 500 people every day benefit from Causeway’s services.

“It was pleasing to hear that Causeway had secured a new MRI scanner.

“That said, it was a major disappointment that despite a consultation which showed many people were against the closure of the maternity services, it would be closed regardless.

“It was widely known at that time that Antrim Hospital was already at capacity. It’s also disappointing that such an important service was moved so far away from the people of Causeway Coast and Glens.

“Additionally, these last few weeks on the doorsteps it has been disappointing to hear from members of staff within the Hospital who claim that they were called to a meeting and told that one of the surgical wards may close in Causeway. It adds further alarm to hear speculation that the Ross Thompson Unit may also be at risk.

“More pressure needs to be exerted by our elected representatives on all levels of government to ensure the protection of services in Causeway Hospital.

“It was right our care workers received the freedom of the borough of Causeway Coast and Glens. But is a nonsense to give out such awards and not stand up for essential local NHS services.

“With a large focus on Northern Ireland’s mental health epidemic and the general challenges faced by the NHS, we need to be giving local services the tools they need not discuss closing them.”

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